Bulvar Morskoy, 15, Slavyanka pgt,
Khasan rayoun, Primorsky krai
692701, Russia

The Working-Level Meeting of NEA EXIM Banks Association was held in Ulaanbaatar


On 23 January a working-level meeting of NEA EXIM Banks Association on the possibility of financing the project of Specialized grain terminal in the seaport of Zarubino was held.
The member banks of the Association confirmed their interest in the project and expressed their willingness for further cooperation and joint work in the framework of attracting funding to the project.
DVZT expressed its readiness to consider at this stage of the project various forms of financing, including leasing of equipment for the terminal, as well as the supply of materials and services for construction.
The NEA EXIM Banks Association is a flexible finance platform, created by the member countries of the Greater Tumen Initiative, to back up implementation of the large infrastructure development projects needed and approved by the countries, to improve facilities in transport, energy, tourism, etc. in the Greater Tumen Region and thus promote economic prosperity and good neighbourhood in the region.
The Association consists of the EXIM Bank of China (China Eximbank), the Development Bank of Mongolia (DBM), the EXIM Bank of Korea (KEXIM), and the Bank of Development and Foreign Economic Affairs of Russia (VEB).