Bulvar Morskoy, 15, Slavyanka pgt,
Khasan rayoun, Primorsky krai
692701, Russia

On 8 December under the chairmanship of Deputy Transport Minister Alan Lushnikov the 7th meeting of the Transport Board of The Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) took place


The meeting was held in the framework of "Transport week – 2017". Representatives of transport departments of China, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation took part in the event, as well as representatives of ESCAP and institutions of transport.

In his speech, Alan Lushnikov noted the importance of development of territories of the Far East and Siberia, their integration into the transport and logistics system in Asia-Pacific region, including Northeast Asia. He pointed out that our country pays priority attention to the development of transport corridors. Issues of capacity development of the Far Eastern ports, the TRANS-Siberian and BAM are the key objectives of the Transport strategy of the Russian Federation till 2030.

The importance of the transport system of North-East Asia for the development of economic cooperation is confirmed not only by the interest of the countries, but by the engagement in the work of international organizations such as ESCAP, UNDP and international development institutions.

Participants' attention was focused on projects related to the promotion of IT systems, such as "ERA-GLONASS" and "Plato". Also the importance of training of qualified specialists in the sphere of transport was noted. This year the Russian University of transport was created, which prepares professionals of high qualification. In this regard, the participants of the GTI had been proposed to include into the agenda of the forthcoming meetings the topic of cooperation in the sphere of personnel training for the transport industry.

The meeting analyzed the implementation of the GTI Regional Transport strategy, reviewed progress in implementation of the project of construction of a Specialized grain terminal in the seaport Zarubino, which was presented by State Secretary-Deputy General Director of JSC UGC Dmitry Yuriev. They also discussed the performance of the Medium-term plan of action for implementing the GTI Regional transport strategy for the period 2016-2018 and project proposals for implementation in the framework of GTI in 2018

The parties have agreed to further strengthen regional cooperation in the GTI region through close cooperation and coordination of efforts to develop transport corridors.

Photos of the event are available at the link