Bulvar Morskoy, 15, Slavyanka pgt,
Khasan rayoun, Primorsky krai
692701, Russia

The representatives of DVZT took part in a field meeting with JSC Russian Railways


On 7 December 2017 in Zarubino the meeting with JSC Russian Railways took place, in which the design and operation of railway facilities in Specialized grain terminal in the seaport Zarubino (project is being conducted by DVZT) were discussed.

DVZT presented design solutions and identified future volumes of grain transshipment as from 3.5 million tons up to 10 million tons, what is due to phasing of construction. When the project runs at full capacity the main part of the grain, and that is at least 8.5 million tones will be delivered to the seaport Zarubino by the railway.

Specialists of DVZT confirmed the volume of transshipments, providing for review agreement signed with agricultural producers from Siberia and the Far East. During the meeting the parties discussed the possibility of including the reconstruction of the existing railway station Sukhanovka, necessary for development of seaport Zarubino and, in particular, Specialized grain terminal into the investment program of development of JSC Russian Railways for

For the reference:

DVZT LLC is a subsidiary company of JSC United grain company (JSC UGC), implementing the project of construction of a Specialized grain terminal with transshipment capacity of 3 million tons with the possibility of increasing the volume up to 10 million tons per year.

Previously agreements on cooperation were signed with the producers of the Kurgan, Omsk, Novosibirsk and Amur regions, Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions, and also the agreement on cooperation with JSC Russian Railways.