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The government of the Russian Federation ordered to amend the scheme of territorial planning (Specialized grain terminal in the sea port Zarubino)


By order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 96-R of 26 January 2017 amendments were made to the Scheme of territorial planning of the Russian Federation in the area of Federal transport (railway, air, sea, inland water transport) and Federal highways, approved earlier by the decree of the Russian Government No. 384-R dated 19.03.2013.

These changes include the creation of Specialized grain terminal in the seaport Zarubino with transshipment capacity of 10 million tons a year in the period up to 2020, with a possible phased development to the capacity of 33.5 million tons per year in the future. Scheme of territorial planning is a fundamental document in the implementation of infrastructure projects in seaports. The introduction of information about Specialized grain terminal into the Scheme of territorial planning creates the conditions for adoption by the Government of the Russian Federation the decision about the extension of the seaport Zarubino and inclusion in its borders of land plots designated for construction of the terminal, thereby giving the project an even more dynamic development.

The launch of a new grain terminal in the Far East will allow to:

Provide a new distribution channel to agricultural producers;

Transship grain in larger quantities;

Get a new powerful incentive to increase production and improve the economic situation in regions of the Siberian Federal district and far Eastern Federal district;

Create conditions for social-economic development of the Far Eastern Federal district and Siberian Federal district, for growth of tax deductions in regional and local budgets and for increase in the level of employment in the region.

The construction of a Specialized grain terminal in the sea port Zarubino is a priority and most significant investment project of JSC UGC. The project Manager is DVZT LLC – 100% subsidiary of JSC UGC, established in accordance with the Directive of the Government of the Russian Federation.

The decree of the RF Government