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The UGC contractor is completing the first stage of development of project documentation for DVZT


Vladivostok. 6 Dec. INTERFAX – The contractor of United grain company (UGC) - Marine construction and technology ("Morstroytechnology") is completing the first stage of project documentation development of the Far Eastern Grain Terminal (DVZT) in the port of Zarubino.

As was reported to Interfax by Morstroytechnology CEO Mikhail Nikolaevskiy, survey work on the shoreline and in the waters, are being completed. As for today basic technical solutions are developed and the actual information how the grain terminal with capacity of 10 million tons per year will look like by 2023 is presented. "With great interest we are dealing with such an important for the country and the Far East region project. All work is conducted in accordance with the established schedule, - said Mr. Nikolaevskiy. - Today the necessary research in the waters and on the shoreline are completed to a large extent. On the basis of obtained results, the scheme of the General plan of a Specialized grain terminal in the port of Zarubino was developed, so it is perhaps more correct to speak about it not in the future, but in the present time.

According to his words, Morstroytechnology developed the concept of hydraulic structures, and subcontractors from the Rostov Institute Promzernoproekt developed the entire production chain of grain transshipment. "The proposed solutions fully meet the requirements to provide the planned volume of grain transshipment and the interests of the customer. At this stage the necessary contracts with virtually all subcontractors are already concluded and we do not see the risks and causes of delay in the issuance of documentation in the terms established by the contract with JSC UGC, - he said, noting "a fairly good location for such complex terminal".

He explained that Troica Bay is protected and, as a result, berthing facilities will experience minimal impact of wave loads. "Vessels will be processed all year round with virtually no loss of time due to weather conditions. This is confirmed by the results of the performed wave simulations," said Mr. Nikolaevskiy. As JSC United grain company reported to Interfax in in the first stage (up to 2020) following objects will be built: berth that can handle vessels of Panamax and Post Panamax types, silo park for the storage of grain with a total volume of 220 thousand tons, road and rail freight fronts. Technological scheme will allow both export and import operations. Further development, which will be achieved in the next phase of construction, will allow to increase transshipment volumes due to the construction of another silo park and the second berth by 2023.

In the UGC announced that the construction of DVZT is a priority and global project of the company. Its implementation will allow to increase volume of grain export and products of its processing to countries in the Asia-Pacific region and to provide potential transit freight traffic of neighboring countries.

In addition, according to the UGC, the construction of DVZT is of strategic importance to Russia. Siberia and the Far East have huge growth potential in the sphere of grain production, realization of which is currently constrained by poor infrastructure and lack of distribution channels. Potential output growth and grain harvest in Siberia and the Far East is up to 3 million tons by 2020 and up to 5 million tons by 2030. "A modern integrated grain terminal will provide to domestic agricultural producers a new distribution channel, will create a powerful incentive for increasing production and business development in the Amur and Evreysky regions, Altai, Krasnoyarsk, Primorsky and other regions, will increase the investment attractiveness and will create the necessary conditions for social-economic development of these territories", - stated in the JSC UGC.

Managing of the investment project is realized by Far East Grain Terminal LLC which is a 100% subsidiary of JSC UGC, established in accordance with the Directive of the Russian Government.